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Morganne Tryamour-Silver
Step Inside to Another World
That's right kids, I'm back! And I have a new LJ - cock_a_snook, I have so much love for my new LJ username, lol.

So come friend me at my new LJ! And let's all catch up!

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Told you so.

(on a side note, you may not want to click that link till you've finished HBP. I'm simply gloating because you all told me I was wrong.)



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Quote from J.K. Rowling's website by JKR herself:

'As for the idea of Ron and Hermione having a son… (chuckles as the distant roars of a million shippers reach my ears, all cursing me to an eternity of unsatisfied curiosity).'

And we all thought their love was so canon, lol.

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The United States has enough Nuclear Weapons to destroy the world a hundred times over or something like that. And that's just the US, plenty of other countries have the same, only not quite to that extent.

Now, here's my thought.

What the fuck for? You can only destroy the world ONCE. Not a hundred freaking times. Why spend billions of dollars creating these bombs when we have bloody enough already? Who CARES if someone has more bombs then us?? One world, One oppportunity to destroy it.

Without a doubt, you can blame one group of people for this.


I mean, we have a bomb that will BURN UP ALL THE OXYGEN ON OUR PLANET.


Because if we can't win, no one will??

I have a brillant idea. How about we women create ourselves a bomb that wipe out all the men in the world? And not one, lets make enough to do it 50 times over!

This is the world we live in. Isn't it wonderful?

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Idiots trying to get slash banned - http://www.petitiononline.com/slsh11/petition.html

Oh, and look, a counter petition with nearly 500 more signers - http://www.petitiononline.com/Ramoniac/

It's nice to know us slash writers are as bad as paedophiles posting naked pictures of children on the internet. And apparently our stories are aimed at children because as we all know we post a BIG WARNING that says: HEY KIDS, HARRY POTTER GETS RAPED IN THIS FIC, COME AND READ IT! Oh yes, and we need to be thrown into jail for writing such filth.

I know, they should open Alcatraz back up for us. We can all live in a nice, slash happy community and write slashy goodness on our prison walls in chalk.


Yeah, I haven't posted in awhile... *sheepish look* I've been really distracted with fun over at http://www.purefelinity.com

*Waves hi to everyone*

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Haven't been feeling so hot the past couple of days. It's not like I'm coughing or anything like that. I'm just terribly, terribly dizzy. A floating on air kind of feeling. And a bit dazed. Finally decided to take my temp even though I figured I'm just a bit out of it. Turned out to be 101F. WTF? It's not like I'm even sick really. It started as this horrible pressure behind my eyes. Looking at stuff, light, all those sorts of things was just painful. Then came the lightheadedness.

Sorry if I'm not sounding very lucid or spelling correctly.

I'll just go now.

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Apparently my computer is possessed. Mozilla foxfire popped up and opened 9 random sites all by itself (and I can quite assure you I was doing nothing on my computer at the time) a select random few:





Last one was most interesting. No idea where 'Sonoma County' is but they obviously have some problems.

Anyway, those are the sites my computer decided to visit while I was away. No idea why.

ETA: Left computer again just to see if it would repeat its preformance and it did! It opened 9 more mostly sports related sites. I hate sports. Stupid computer. Lets see if it does it again.

ETA 2: It did! And right in front of me this time. Just popped open and open all 9 pages at once. Sports again. I'm completely boggled.

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Anyone know where I can find slashy Star Wars fics? Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan/Anakin, Luke/Han

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In a fit of insanity, back in November, I purchased a month of paid membership to FF.n

Just a month, it should have expired in December. But, alas, on my account page it says it expired December 14, 2004 and on the expired thing it says 'no'. Yet more proof that they are all idiots.

And indeed, I still have a paid membership which I assure you I have no paid for.

I could email them and inform them of their mistake. But, I would rather choose to sit here and laugh at them.

I'll call it revenge. And not just for destroying all things canon on their site, but for taking down perfectly good stories for no good reasons.

Because apparently 'good' doesn't belong on their site. Only crap.

I visited to delete my old account... and I admit I couldn't do it. I felt bad for all those people who had be on their author alert and favorites list.

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The adult version of the next HP book in the UK has a Potions textbook on the cover.

Furthur proof on my theory that Snape is the Half-blood Prince!

Not that I'm so sure that will pan out.

But book is also very burned.

Snape had better not die.

I'll be very put out.

The other covers have Dumbledore and Harry one them. I don't like Dumbledore. Let's focus on the Snape.

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